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Tropical Leaves

Age Range: 6 weeks-12 months
Teacher to Student Ratio- 1:4
Class size: 8/Max. Group Size- 8

In our classroom we...

Read stories, sing songs, play patty cake, and other games to support cognitive development through  play.  We give all of our babies lots of tender loving care. Each child receives an abundant amount of one on one attention to support their socio emotional development, and with the mindset that in these early stages of life, infants are rapidly developing emotional connections,  physical, and cognitive skills that shape their lives. In this class, the children eat and sleep on their individual schedules that we develop with parents for a smooth transition between school and home. We also practice responsive caregiving, which ensures we are tuning in to what each child is telling us during a stage where their schedules and needs are rapidly changing. Each family receives a detailed daily report, which includes information about what their day was like, as well as a daily record of their eating, sleeping, and diapering.

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